Growing in faith and community on campus.

Campus Ministry is excited to welcome all Charger Catholics to join us to grow deeper in relationship with Christ and each other.  

Making God and your faith a strong part of your college experience will bring you grace and peace beyond measure.

All are welcome!

The Catholic Student Center is located at 802 Brickell Rd 
Just one block off Holmes, near the University Fitness Center
The Student Center is accessible 10am-10pm


Catholic Campus Ministry at

The University of Alabama in Huntsville

802 Brickell Rd NW    Huntsville, AL 35816

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Campus Minister

Betsy Lashley

Campus Chaplain

Fr. Bryan Lowe

Deacon Greg Thompson

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 Student Leaders

Registered Student Organization (RSO) Offficers

President Stephen Ward

Stephen is a senior from Whitesville, KY and double majors in Aerospace Engineering and Philosophy. He's an amateur diesel mechanic, dabbles in law and contemplating human existence in his free time, and is addicted to coffee. Come to him with all your philosophical dilemmas and car troubles! He’s on his 4th year as an active member of CCM, and has served as a leader and current Rector of the Alabama Awakening retreat.

Vice President Sarah Polickoski

Sarah is a junior from Chattanooga, TN and majors in Aerospace Engineering. She was a dancer for 15 years before college, she loves baking and cooking, and will drop anything for an excuse to have a deep conversation over a cup of coffee with you. She's on her 3rd year as an active CCM member, and has served as a leader on the Alabama Awakening Retreat.


Secretary John Luke Parker

John Luke is a senior from Gadsden, AL and is majoring in Computer Engineering. He is a former Totus Tuus missionary and Rector for the bi-annual Awakening Retreat for college students in Alabama, and is on his 4th year as an active member in CCM.

Treasurer Andrew Kent

Andrew is a junior from Hampton, VA and double majors in Computer Science and Mathematics. He loves coding, cats, Minecraft, and cool math things. He is currently studying remotely from Virginia due to the pandemic circumstances, but is doing everything he can to stay active and involved in his 3rd year in CCM.

Small Group Leaders

Bekah Burgess - Women's Group Leader

Bekah is a sophomore studying physics at UAH and is from Mobile. She enjoys the outdoors and music; she loves trying and learning new things; she lives to discuss deep topics with new people; and she seeks always to glorify God through a search for His Truth.

Charlotte Sederstrand - Women's Group Leader

Charlotte is a former NET missionary who traveled all over the U.S. sharing her Catholic faith. She loves the Word of God and shares it through word and deed with everyone she meets! She loves music and always has a favorite song to share.


Nick Smith - Men's Group Leader

Nick is a graduate of Spring Hill College and served as a FOCUS Missionary at Ave Maria University.  He is co-host of the podcast Colloquium and loves to share his faith through art and contemporary culture. He is passionate that prayer is the cornerstone of our relationship with Jesus.

Janko Dubravec - Men's Group Leader

Janko is a graduate of the University of Michigan and received a Master’s Degree from UAH this past spring. He is currently employed as an electrical "enginerd" (engineer) on the Arsenal. He has Slovak and German heritage and loves palacinky (crepes), halushky, winter, and Krav Maga. 



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